Factors when it comes to skin complexion

Do you pay attention to changes in your skin complexion? How does your skin change? Do you know which factors affect your skin? Answers to these questions can play a role in how your skin responds to and recovers from electrolysis. In this article, we will discuss some of factors that can negatively impact your skin, such as: lack of sleep, poor stress management, crash diets, picking at skin, not washing off makeup, smoking, and over-exfoliating. It is important to note that you have control over each of these aspects of skincare, and you can greatly improve your skin just by making basic adjustments, regardless of it’s current status. We will offer suggestions and solutions for improving each of these areas.

Stress is something everyone deals with. Stress manifests itself in different ways for different people. It can impact your entire body, especially your skin. Depending on the person, skin sensitivity to stress can come up as blemishes and breakouts, overly dry and flaky skin, excess oil, redness, paleness and more. To combat the affects stress has on skin, it can be helpful to get used to a routine and self-care regimen.

A lack of sleep can cause your face to look dry and dull. It can contribute to darkness and puffiness under your eyes. Your skin loses moisture when you don’t get enough sleep. During sleep, your body rests, recovers by removing and replacing old cells. Getting enough sleep, between 7-8 hours each night, is pivotal for looking and feeling refreshed. Incorporating light exercise or cardio into your life is a great way to catch some extra zzz’s at night.

A lack of food can also do harm to your complexion. When you embark on a crash diet, your body receives no nutrients and this sends your entire body into overdrive, from the inside out. This can offset your hormones and disrupt your immune system. If you are interested in weight loss, it is smarter and healthier to follow a diet plan you feel would be most beneficial. Make sure to always drink enough fluids and water to help your organs run more efficiently and maintain supple skin.

Failing to clear your face of makeup, dirt and oil can lead to acne and other impurities. It is important to wash your face morning and night with a gentle cleanser and toner, but for those that choose to cleanse once a day, it is best to do it at night so that all makeup is removed. Even for the nights you are feeling extra tired, a makeup wipe is better than nothing.

Over-exfoliation can lead to redness, dryness and irritation. Some people choose to do it more or less often. To be safe, it is best to start with gentle exfoliation once a week and watch how your skin reacts. Make sure to moisturize your face daily, ideally with an SPF to protect skin from sun. This nourishes and protects your skin from the sun’s strong rays, which can damage skin even on cloudy days. Too much sun can strip your skin of essential fluid and cause it to become red or irritated. Using an all-over- body lotion or oil can have a remarkable effect on your skin’s quality. It is best to moisturize after cleansing skin or taking a shower because your skin will soak it up and hold in the lotion better than it would on dry skin.

Smoking is another cause for poor skin quality. By narrowing blood vessels, smoking can prompt everything from under-eye bags to premature wrinkles. It can even exacerbate the skin condition, psoriasis. Try to cut back, quit and aim for healthier options.

Though it can be tempting, it is crucial to not pick at skin. Using an unclean tool or even worse, your fingers, can cause inflammation, scarring and lead to more acne. Cysts, whiteheads, blackheads and ingrown hairs can all be treated through gentle at-home treatments, topical measures or by a professional electrologist or dermatologist.

When you take care of your skin, it makes our job much easier and it makes your treatments more effective. Your treatment may even feel more comfortable when your skin feels at it’s best. To learn more about our services or to schedule a complimentary consultation, please contact Limoges Beauty today!

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