Full-body Electrolysis

Full-body ElectrolysisLooks really matter in today’s world and that’s why we all strive to look our best. It builds our confidence and self-esteem and this spurs us to greatness. However, for most people out there this goal is very difficult to attain due to the presence of excess hair on the body. Excess and unwanted hair may pop up on different parts of the body as a result of factors such as genetic composition, hormonal imbalance and the use of certain medication bring about feelings of embarrassment whenever you are in social situations.

Hair removal techniques.

Full-body ElectrolysisHair removal techniques are helpful in this regards, allowing individuals to eliminate unwanted hair. Of all the methods of hair removal, electrolysis is the only method that guarantees permanent removal of unwanted hair. Electrolysis employs the use of an electric current to destroy the hair follicles and therefore preventing any further growth. Other methods such as waxing and laser therapy are not only temporary but require a lot of maintenance.

Electrolysis can be used to remove unwanted hair on different areas on the body. Full-body electrolysis entails removing unwanted hair from almost every area in your body. This includes unwanted facial hair all the way to the hairs on the legs.

Treating the different areas.

The density of hair on the area to be treated determines the number of sessions needed to effectively eliminate unwanted hair in that area. The size of the area being treated is another thing that influences the number of sessions needed for permanent removal. Hairs on the face are less densely concentrated and therefore only a few repeat treatment sessions will be required for removal. The areas on the face that can be treated with electrolysis include the eyebrows, the chin area, the upper lip and sideburns.

Full-body ElectrolysisAreas of the body that can be treated with electrolysis include the chest area, the back, legs and the bikini area. Hair is usually densely concentrated in these regions and a couple of repeat sessions are required for the best results. The hair on these regions is slightly thicker and coarse than the hair on the face and this necessitates thorough treatment for effective removal.

Following a thorough assessment, the electrolysis expert will advise you on the number of sessions needed for proper treatment. You should attend all the sessions for the best results possible. Contact us today for the best full body electrolysis in NYC. Our services are certified and we use premium equipment for a painless experience.

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