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What does an electrolysis experience feel like? In this article, we will review two types and how each of them physically feels.

First of all, we want you to know that at Limoges Electrolysis NYC, we use state of the art machines, the Apilus XCell. This super modern technology helps to minimize pain. Older machines resulted in much more pain. We take pride in making the entire process of electrolysis as “smooth” and enjoyable for our clients as we possibly can.

Having a very fine new sterile probe inserted into the natural opening of a hair follicle could seem intimidating, but the discomfort is generally quite mild. You will not physically feel the needle being inserted, especially since it is often smaller than the hair itself. The goal of electrolysis is to destroy the hair growth cells and the dermal papilla, and this is achieved by presenting the follicle with a hint of an electrical current. The specific form of killing the hair can either be from a chemical, from heat, or from a combination of both chemical and heat. Each of these are effective but they all feel slightly differently.


The first method is thermolysis. Also known as short-wave electrolysis, this type of electrolysis feels a bit like a zap of heat. Each follicle is treated quickly and the overall process is faster. The sensation of heat will change depending on the intensity of the current and the duration of the current. Some people have compared thermolysis to a feeling of a brief pinch on a tiny area of skin.

The second form of electrolysis is blend. This method merges both the galvanic current with the heat of thermolysis. The galvanic electrolysis process involves a chemical reaction to the hair follicle, resulting in lye. The feeling is a slightly different sensation than thermolysis.  This process feels like a gradual building of heat within the follicle. Blend is very effective for stubborn and difficult hair because the current of the thermolysis heats the lye to expand in the follicle.  As a result blend can better target residual hair cells in addition to the dermal papilla.  It does take a bit more time because each hair is very thoroughly treated.

The comfort level will also depend on the specific body part being treated. Treating a majority of body parts with electrolysis will result in mild to moderate discomfort. Places such as the upper lip and feet are some of the most painful due to a lot of nerves and thinner skin. Nonetheless, there are many options to lessen the pain. This could include taking an Advil before treatment, applying an ice compress after treatment. We also offer a topical numbing cream as well as Biofreeze, a cooling gel before or after treatments for any client who is interested. Also, shortening the length of treatments in troublesome areas, such as working on it for only five to ten minutes, clients will feel more at ease. If pain is a concern, we will work with you to make you as comfortable as possible!

Other factors that can affect pain level include: s24th Feb 2016tress, genetics, Immediately following treatment, mild redness and swelling is often present but will go away within hours. Book your free consultation and be stress free about your hair!

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