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Terminal Hair and Electrolysis

Terminal Hair 

There are all different kinds of hair. From head to toe, hair can grow, for different purposes and at various times throughout life. Electrolysis is effective for treating all types of hair – curly, straight, light, dark, fine or thick. In this article we will discuss terminal hair and why it is typically more difficult to treat.

Though they start off looking like peach fuzz, terminal hairs develop several distinct features. These hairs are long, thick and dark in color – either brown or black. Terminal hairs are also stronger than other types of hair. Men often grow more terminal hairs than women, but many women also have thick, dark hairs. Some of the most common areas terminal hair grows in are the face, head, underarms, chest, stomach, pubic area and legs. People are usually especially embarrassed by terminal hairs since they are quite dark and long.terminal hair

Once hairs have reached their full terminal stage, they are considered “permanent.” The only way these types of hairs can be removed for good is by damaging the papilla. These are more difficult to treat because they are more deeply rooted in the skin, are coarse and have a dark pigment. Of the three electrolysis methods, Blend is typically suggested for terminal hair removal. This is because it utilizes both Thermolysis and Galvanic techniques simultaneously, resulting in a stronger effect on destroying the hair follicle. Blend is more time consuming since it takes more precision from the electrologist. It does not hurt more, if at all, than the other two types.

Sometimes laser hair removal is suggested first for larger areas with terminal hair. This does not remove the hair completely, but it will weaken the follicles. This helps make the process of electrolysis go more smoothly and efficiently. Over time, electrolysis treatments will cause terminal hairs to become finer, lighter in color and grow more slowly.


Regrowth Time Chart Key F = Female, M = Male
Type of Hair Regrowth Time
Hairline F/M 4-6 Weeks
Eyebrows F/M 3-6 Weeks
Upper lip   (Vellus) F 7-10 Weeks
Upper lip  (Terminal) F/M 4-6 Weeks
Side of Face  (Vellus) F 4-15 Weeks
Side of Face (Terminal) F/M 4-6 Weeks
Chin  (Vellus) F 6-8 Weeks
Chin  (Terminal) F/M 4-6 Weeks
Neck  (Terminal) F 5-6 Weeks
Neck  (Terminal M 3-6 Weeks
Ears  (Vellus) F/M 9-12 Weeks
Ears  (Terminal) F/M 6-8 Weeks
Breast F 4-8 Weeks
Chest  (Terminal) F 6-9 Weeks
Chest (Terminal) M 5-8 Weeks
Back and Shoulders (Terminal) F 7-9 Weeks
Back and Shoulders (Terminal) M 5-8 Weeks
Arms (Terminal) F/M 6-9 Weeks
Legs (Terminal) F/M 5-8 Weeks
Hands (Terminal) F/M 5-7 Weeks
Underarms F/M 4-8 Weeks
Feet (Terminal) F/M 4-8 Weeks



In contrast to terminal hair, vellus hair is fine and lightly colored. This type of hair covers the majority of the body. Throughout puberty, vellus hair is replaced with more terminal hairs. This is normal and is affected by the androgenic hormone. As we age, we typically grow more terminal hair as opposed to vellus hair.

Please note that if you (mainly females) have excess terminal hair located in non-typical areas of growth (such as face chest, inner thighs, etc.), it may be a good idea to consult a physician as this can be a symptom of an underlying medical issue.

No matter which type of hair you have or where it is located, we can successfully treat you with Electrolysis. We are reliable, safe and put our clients first. Electrolysis is the only permanent option for any form of hair or skin type. We will be able to offer a personalized schedule and treatment plan to best suit your needs.

Call us at Limoges Beauty NYC today to discuss your personal hair removal needs and set up a free consultation! Say goodbye to your unwanted hair once and for all!

Spring and Summer are Around the Corner in NYC!

Some of my favorite things about New York City are the Spring and Summer seasons. The beautiful trees, lovely flowers, and the chirping birds are delightful. Most of all, I love Spring and Summer wardrobes. The light weight fabrics, shorter hemlines, fun tank tops and of course bathing suits! With that said we expose more skin during these seasons, requiring more hair removal maintenance.

Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal


New Yorkers are always on-the-go and do not always have time to properly groom. Electrolysis by Emily is here to help keep the city’s urbanites groomed.

Electrolysis for the under arms, face, nape, ears, bikini, and feet area are very convenient. Overtime, hair grows back finer and eventually stops growing!

Ingrown Hairs

One of my favorite aspects about Electrolysis is that it is great for getting rid of ingrown hairs. These hairs can be painful, unsightly, and can get infected.  They commonly occur under the arms and the bikini area. I have been treated myself in the past for those two areas for ingrown hairs. I am thrilled with the results because I am no longer in pain or embarrassed of wearing tank tops or bathing suits. I enjoy spring and summer even more now because of electrolysis.



Expert Hair RemovalElectrolysis is great for both men and women. Contact me today for your free consultation!

Laser Hair Removal Versus Electrolysis

When deciding to undergo permanent hair removal, it is very important to understand the differences between laser hair removal and electrolysis.  Many people are unaware of how laser and electrolysis methods work. I will first discuss how laser works and then its differences compared to electrolysis. Then I will explain which hair and skin types work best for laser and electrolysis.

Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal works by beaming highly concentrated light into the hair follicles. Pigment, color, in the follicles adsorbs the light. This adsorption destroys the hair follicle. Most laser hair removal technologies today only allows for dark hair colors like black or brown to be adsorbed. Also, this technology works best on individuals where there is a contrast of skin tone and hair color. The best candidates for laser hair removal are those with light skin tone and dark color hair. Laser is not effective on blonde, red, or grey hair. Nor is it effective for those with similar skin and hair color. It should be noted that it can also cause hyper-pigmentation, darkening of the skin, which can be permanent.  Most importantly, laser hair removal can only claim “Hair Reduction” by the FDA. It is not labeled as “Permanent” like electrolysis and will never clear 100% of the hair targeted.

Electrolysis Hair Removal

electrolysis versus laser nyc p01

Electrolysis works by using an electric current to target the source of the hair follicle from which it grows, the dermal papilla. Each time the dermal papilla is targeted, it is destroying the growth of the hair. Electrolysis works by targeting the source of hair growth and not the pigment of the hair, therefore, it can permanently remove all hair colors and work on every single skin type. It is the only method of hair removal that is FDA allows to be called “Permanent”.

To achieve permanent hair removal, contact Limoges Electrolysis for your free consultation.

Don’t Struggle with Unwanted Hair

During my training at the Berkowits School of Electrolysis in New York City, I had the good fortune of meeting a wonderful and inspiring woman by the name of Elena from Long Island, New York. She shared with me her struggles of dealing with unwanted hair and how it negatively affected her self-esteem. Her story is inspirational and reminded me that we should make the most of life. If there is something in our life we struggle with, like unwanted hair, we should find a solution!

I had the privilege of working on Elena several times during my studies at the Berkowits School of Electrolysis. I could clearly see the the positive difference that electrolysis made in her life. She personally complimented my techniques on many occasions and appreciated my gentle touch. I was proud to receive such high praise from someone who had undergone several hundred hours of electrolysis and knew from experience what an expert electrolysis treatment should feel like.

Please take a few moments to read Elena’s Story Below.

Or click here to read her story on the American Electrology Association Website

Elena welcomes the confidence of smooth skin

Elena struggled with her self-image for years before discovering her natural beauty through electrolysisFor most preteens and teenagers, it goes without saying that puberty is a difficult time in life. There are the social pressures of trying to fit in with different circles. There are the family dynamics of becoming a young adult and learning your boundaries and discovering who you are as a person. And there are also the body changes. Hormone fluctuations, genetics and related issues can make a person feel insecure and awkward: acne, physical development, vocal changes and hair growth.

For Elena of Long Island, New York, adolescence marked the beginning of a long and difficult struggle in her life with unwanted and excessive hair growth. At school, her challenge was painfully obvious. Classmates cruelly called her names like “Elvis,” making fun of her embarrassing sideburns. “After that, I started shaving,” Elena confesses.

Suffering alone, her self-esteem plummeted

Elena’s mother was busy, working hard to support the family as an RN; she didn’t have much time to help Elena through her struggle. So as a teen with few choices, Elena resorted to combing her hair over her face and hiding her true self in shame. As so often happens with teens struggling for acceptance, she made some unhealthy choices in the quest to belong.

“I started feeling awful, and I actually started going with the wrong crowd because I had such low self-esteem,” Elena said. “Thank God it’s over now. Everything is so different.” The cause: a genetic condition called hirsutism.

Elena is far from alone in her struggle with unwanted hair. In fact, hirsutism, the technical name for excessive hair growth, is a common problem among both men and women. In some rare cases, excess hair growth may indicate a more serious health problem, but for many people, it is simply the benign result of heredity or hormonal changes. Elena says her excess hair growth is the result of her Puerto Rican heritage and genetics, which she saw firsthand when she visited relatives in Puerto Rico.

A breakthrough

After years of struggle, Elena – at age 17 – finally began to explore electrolysis as a solution to her unwanted hair. A mentor recommended Arlene Batz, CPE, an experienced electrology practitioner and educator, and the treatments began with a few hours twice a week. “Arlene was like my second mother,” said Elena. “She really lifted me up in many ways.”

Electrolysis is the only FDA-approved permanent hair removal solution. Hairs are removed individually, and due to different growth cycles for hair, treatments take time. Elena’s patience and willingness to continue treatments paid off, and over time, electrolysis worked for her. She said, “I was walking with my head held high.”

Tried and true solution

After marriage and the birth of her children, Elena again struggled with excess hair. While the earlier hair was permanently removed, hormone fluctuations stimulated previously dormant hair follicles. “With my second child, even more grew, in places where I didn’t have hair before, like my stomach, back and shoulders,” she explained. “I was basically hiding from the world. I would comb my hair and my bangs to cover my face. That’s how I used to walk around in high school too.” This time, Elena knew just what to do.

Elena turned again to electrolysis and is now focusing on bringing an end to her troublesome facial hair. “I have this outlook in life that I just have to keep walking, no matter what. After electrolysis, I feel like I can conquer the world! To me, it’s a blessing.” she said. Over time, she plans to explore options for removing her unwanted body hair as well.

Elena is a single parent now, so her budget can be tight, but she believes electrolysis is worth the investment in herself. She sees Arlene at Breier Hair Removal & Skin Care in Queens regularly for her treatments. “It is important to take care of yourself, especially because we give so much as women, so I’m making electrolysis a priority for me.”

People see the confidence

For Elena, electrolysis not only enables her to show her true outer beauty to the world, but also the inner beauty of her personality, which takes a back seat when her self confidence drops. “People can tell the difference when I have the treatments. I do tend to hold back a little bit and not get near people,” Elena said, admitting that she often will stay home rather than show her face to the world. “But the day after I get electrolysis treatments, I tie my hair back and put on makeup, and I’m much more outgoing. People say, “Wow, Elena, what did you do differently? Your face is glowing!”

Elena highly recommends electrolysis for people like herself who struggle with unwanted hair. She points out that it’s important to have patience. “It works – slowly but surely, it works. It’s not all in one shot, but over time the hair keeps getting thinner and you can see the excess hair going away.”

Elena said although the topic of unwanted hair can be a sensitive issue for many people, she feels she’s been blessed and she wants to share the wisdom she’s gained through her experience with electrolysis to help others. “I’m a strong believer,” she said. “Taking care of yourself is such a good investment.”

Elena’s Message

Don’t hide yourself from the world because of unwanted hair. Life is short and “Taking care of yourself is such a good investment.”

I invited you to a Free Consultation at Limoges Electrolysis and experience for yourself my excellent technique and gentle touch!

How to Achieve the Best Results from Electrolysis:Part 2

 Cycle of Hair Growth

In part two of this series, I am going to discuss the cycle of hair growth and why understanding this process it essential to achieve the best permanent hair removal results from electrolysis. In the diagram below, it can been seen that hair grows in three stages. These stages of growth are called: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.

Hair Growth Cycle

The hair follicle can be permanently destroyed during the Anagen phase, also called the active growth stage. This is because the hair is attached to the dermal papilla which supplies blood and oxygen to the hair. Electrolysis destroys the dermal papilla so that hair can no longer grow.

When hair enters the Catagen and Telogen stages it detaches from the dermal papilla and eventually sheds. Treating the hair with electrolysis during the Catagen and Telogen phase is less effective because the hair is not being nourished and therefore not actively growing.

The Best time to treat the Hair

Electrolysis is most effective during the early Anagen phase. When a new hair begins to surface the skin, it is at its weakest point. This is because the dermal papilla is in the process of nourishing the hair to grow stronger. By treating the dermal papilla with electrolysis at its weakest point, the treatment is the most effective at achieving permanent hair removal. Because hair grows at different stages on different parts of the body it is important to commit to regular treatments in order to target hairs during the active stage (Anagen Stage).

Achieving the Best Electrolysis Results

Let’s sum up of this series about how to achieve the best permanent hair results from electrolysis. Make sure your electrologist is skilled at making accurate and precise probe insertions and also follow the recommended plan by your electrologist to target your hairs during the active growth stage (Anagen Stage).

Let Limoges Electrolysis in New York City help you achieve the best permanent hair removal results. Click here to book a Free Consultation Today.

How to Get the Best Results from Electrolysis: Part 1

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Electrolysis Methods and Technology

Hi Everyone, After explaining a little about the different types of electrolysis in my previous post, I thought I would discuss the two types of electrolysis that I perform. Most of the time, I use Thermolysis. This method of permanent hair removal uses only electrical current to destroy the hair follicle. It is excellent for… Continue Reading


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