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Meet our Electrolysis Staff

electrolysisIn this blog post, we are interviewing one of our electrologists, Yocheved Turner. She is a very kind, geniune and talented member of our team. Read on to learn more about her experience and what electrolysis means to her.

How did you decide to get into electrolysis work?

I decided to get into electrolysis when I was living in Baltimore. I was in community college unsure of what career path I wanted to choose. At the time I was looking for an electrologist in my area and could not find one. I saw an opening in the market and decided this would be something I’d really enjoy doing.

What kind of training did you have and where?

I went to Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Forest Hills in Queens, NY. I did 600 hours of school as required by the state of Maryland, as opposed to the 120 hours required by New York State. I have also received advanced training the Dectro Academy, in Quebec City QC. Dectro is the leader in electrolysis technology. 

How long have you been an electrologist?

I have been an electrologist for three years.

What are some of your favorite aspects of your job?

My favorite aspect of the job is definitely the clients! I really get to know each of them over the course of treating them. It is completely life changing and extremely gratifying. I also love the tedious nature of the job, you can work for a long time on one small area and when you step back you see all the progress you actually made. Electrolysis is like an art form.

What are some of the challenging aspects of your job?

Just like my clients, I get frustrated when I’m not seeing the progress I expect. I have to remind myself that every client is different with different growth patterns, different hormones and even if the progress is not visible, the treatment is still working. Electrolysis takes an average of 18 months to complete, I have to remember some people get faster results and others have to take some extra time.

What are some common misconceptions people have about electrolysis?

A common misconception I have found people have is that electrolysis is an out-of-date method that is inferior to laser hair removal. This is not true at all. Also many people think electrolysis is very painful. With the technology that we use, electrolysis is very manageable. 

What qualities do you recommend people look for in an electrologist?

One of the most important qualities to look for in an electrologist is cleanliness. Make sure they use disposable probes and a proper method for sterilizing their tools like an autoclave. The office should be clean and sterile. I also recommend speaking to the electrologist you are looking into to discuss what you are planning to work on and what your expectations are. This will be an ongoing relationship and it is important you feel comfortable with the technician. An electrologist should be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and dexterous. 

What is the environment like at Limoges Beauty and how is it different from other electrolysis practices?


The environment of Limoges beauty is professional and clean, laid back and warm. It is different from any other place I have worked or electrolysis office I’ve been to. It has the perfect balance of spa like tranquility, medical office professionalism and NYC chicness. It is a place you enjoy coming back to knowing that you are in kind and capable hands to get your hair permanently removed. We built amazing relationships with our clients, and they are excited to see us. It is a nice feeling to work at such a welcoming office.

What makes clients choose electrolysis over other hair removal treatments?

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Many of my clients come to me after trying different methods of hair removal. They invested time and money in laser only to have the laser stimulate more hair growth. While electrolysis is longer time commitment, there is no risk of hair stimulation or skin damage. With electrolysis you can also get the blonde, white and very fine dark hairs that laser does not. 

How has electrolysis been life changing for you or your clients?

Electrolysis is life changing. I have clients of all genders and age with varying degrees of hirsutism. The self-esteem boost that comes with successful permanent hair removal is priceless.

To speak with Yocheved or book an appointment with her, please contact us today. We hope to learn more about your goals, questions and concerns. We look forward to embarking on this life-changing journey with you.

Taboos, Tools, Techniques in Hair History

Hair History Around The World

Hair has always been a hot topic in societies around the world. For as long as humans have been in existence, they have been on a search for methods to remove their hair. Whether for vanity, religion, or even safety, there have been interesting beliefs about hair and there have certainly been some odd methods of removing it. In this article, we will discuss some fascinating hair removal taboos, tools and techniques throughout history and the world.

Contrary to contemporary times, hair removal has not always been about vanity. Throughout the caveman era, ancient Greece and Egypt, men believed that hair removal was essential for survival. They speculated that removing hair from their head and beard would protect them from any invading force that could potentially try to grab onto them during battle. They felt that hair removal was truly a shield of safety in war times. Hair removal has held other significance as well. In some Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu traditions, head and eyebrow shaving has played a role in regards to joining a monastic community or beginning school.

Women in a variety of cultures have also indulged in hair removal practices. In ancient Egypt, Greece and the Middle East, women aimed to rid their body of all hair, head to toe. Sometimes they would literally rid the head on their hair! In the late 1500s, women began removing hair from their eyebrows and foreheads, which they believed made them appear more fashionable. Many women even used walnut oil on kids’ foreheads to stave off hair growth. Possibly, one of the strangest techniques of all, women even created bandages of ammonia (cat feces and vinegar) to prevent hair growth.

In the early 1900s, societal beliefs about hair in the US and Europe took at turn. Ads claimed that hair on face, neck, legs and arms was “humiliating.”  Models were featured in magazines with no armpit or leg hair. These types of media campaigns set the stage for the mainstream public’s acceptance of hair removal, which is still widely understood today.

When it comes to the techniques for hair removal, there have been many throughout time. In the earliest of times, people simply used what they could find! According to History Undressed, this meant items like sharp rocks, pumice stones, flint blades, bronze and seashells. Items like these were dangerous and, likely, pretty painful. Not to mention, scraping at the skin with these tools was time consuming. It has been said that ridding hair in a single area could take place over the course of three years.

However, several historic techniques are still applied today, through many have been modified for safety and ease. Waxing was utilized in olden times. By applying a beeswax paste followed by a thin cloth, hair was pulled out in patches. In the Roman Empire, wealthy class citizens harnessed creams, razors, and tweezers. Another ancient method was threading, which meant weaving yarn through fingers and roughly rubbing it on the hair. This technique would result in pulling the hair away from the body and is practiced through today.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about hair history. As this article illustrates, you are certainly not alone in your quest for a hair free life. Men and women around the entire globe have sought for a silky, smooth skin for centuries. It is not always easy to find the best method that suits your goals. Of all the methods available in the market today, electrolysis is the ONLY permanent, FDA approved hair removal method. If you are interested in exploring electrolysis or would like to book an appointment, please call us today.

Key Figures in Electrolysis History

history-electrolysis-hair-removal-nycHave you ever wondered more about electrolysis history? In today’s blog, we are going to discuss the prominent people throughout history that have played a role in what we today recognize as ‘electrolysis.’

For centuries, people have sought smooth, hairless skin. From the caveman era to ancient Egypt to the Roman Empire, everyday women in these societies used anything they could find to rid themselves of excess hair. Some of their tools included sea-shells, pumice stones, blades, flint razors and they even used walnut oil to prevent hair growth. These practices were often dangerous, ineffective, and uncertain.

By the time of the 1800’s, doctors began researching more about hair growth and ways to prevent it. They had discovered that hair began growing from a bulb near the root of the hair follicle. They figured that they could prevent future hair growth by damaging this base known as the ‘germinal papilla’.

Dr. Charles Michel

Finally in 1875, a permanent and safe form of hair removal was invented. It was Dr. Charles Michel, located in St. Louis, who created electrolysis, initially in order to treat ingrown hairs. He wrote a report on his work and the electrochemical decomposition of hair follicles that same year.

Dermatologist William Hardaway read Dr. Michel’s article and adopted the practice of electrolysis into his own work, with success. He then presented his findings to his colleagues at a meeting for the American Dermatological Association. By sharing information about this new technique, the concept of electrolysis gained widespread attention among medical communities. More and more doctors began treating patients with excess hair this way. Dr. Hardaway helped bring recognition to the invention of electrolysis on a national scale.

DJ Mahler

The next key figure is Dan Mahler, who grew his own expertise in electrolysis throughout the late 1800s. So much so, that he devised his own company for electrolysis machines. Known as ‘Instantron,’ his company is still making and selling electrolysis equipment today.

In 1916, the method of galvanic electrolysis was established by resident of New York, Paul N. Kree. His work helped evolve electrolysis from a strictly medical procedure into something for the mainstream public. His training and marketing efforts were a great success for several decades. Soon after, the technique of thermolysis was devised by Dr. Henri Bordier of France in 1925.

Arthur Hinkel and Henri St. Pierre requested a patent for blend electrolysis machinery in 1945. This was a major breakthrough in a new and powerful mode of electrolysis. Gordon Blackwell published the ‘Electrolysis Digest’ in 1956. His analysis and summaries were critical for electrologists all around the world for many years.

Thanks for taking some time to read more about the key figures in electrolysis history. From the earliest days of humanity up until the present time, the process of hair removal has come a long way. We are so appreciative of all the work that went into making what electrolysis is today. We want you, too, to recognize the benefits of electrolysis, first hand! To book a consultation or appointment, please book online today at We look forward to hearing from you.

Remove Chin Hair Permenantly

Remove Chin Hair PermenantlyIs it even possible to remove chin hair permanently? Good news, it is! You are on your way to an important meeting. You look in the mirror and you notice it. It’s a single chin hair that seems to have come out of nowhere. Whether you plucked or shaved early that morning or not, you now have to deal with removing it because you know everyone can see it. If you choose to have these hairs permanently removed, though, you would never have to think twice about your chin when it comes to such important events.

How Permanent Hair Removal Works

To remove chin hair for good, you’ll want to talk to an electrolysis technician who can discuss all of the options available to you in removing unwanted hair. Electrolysis uses heat or a natural chemical reaction to damage the follicle. It targets the moisture and the blood supply in the follicle. If you take Remove Chin Hair Permenantlya close look at your skin, you’ll notice small openings across it. These are openings to the root of the hair, and the shaft that hair grows from. This is called your hair follicle. In order to create permanent hair removal, you’ll need a technician who can perform electrolysis hair removal to each individual follicle that has the unwanted hair.The process involves damaging the tissues located within the follicle slightly. This alters them just enough to make it impossible for hair to grow in the follicle again. It is a complex procedure in that everyone of the follicles on your skin needs multiple treatments. However, it is the only way to create a permanent solution for unwanted hair. Whether you are male or female, unwanted chin hair can be a problem. Electrolysis is a permanent solution approved by the FDA.  You can have smooth, soft skin for a lifetime.

Getting the Help You Need

Remove Chin Hair PermenantlyIf you would like to remove chin hair permanently, the first step is to seek Manhattan electrologists at Limoges Beauty. We are certified with the American Electrolysis Association. The easiest way to schedule a consultation is to click on the following link, We will discuss if this treatment option can help you with your specific chin concern and answer all of your questions. You can also get the same day treatment you need to finally get rid of those unwanted hairs. It can be life changing for many so book today!

Call our offices at 646-205-8741 to schedule an appointment.

Why Electrolysis Epilation Is So Important and Effective

electrolysisElectrolysis epilation is a type of hair removal method that removes the hair from the root. Other types of epilation products on the market remove hair by plucking the hair from the root or cutting it off at the surface. This is helpful in giving you clean and smooth skin in that area. However, the hair can regrow within a few days or  weeks. You’ll need to repeat the treatments for a lifetime to get the same hair-free results. Electrolysis provides damage to the follicle and then the hair is removed. With repeat damage to the root of the hair it will eventually prevent further hair growth, hence permanent hair removal.

How It Works

The mechanics of electrolysis works in a very specific manner. A certified technician will use an epilation machine over the area that is being treated. This device has a small probe attached to it that is inserted into the follicle, along the hair shaft. A current then travels from the machine through the probe  to the root of the hair. The goal is to damage the blood  supply of the hair, the dermal papilla, and the bulge cells. This creates the feeling of a slight pinch or warming sensation. The process is repeated for every follicle in the treatment area when hair is growing in that area. This can take several treatments to ensure all hair is treated throughout the hair growth cycle. After a few treatments the desired end result is that your follicles can no longer grow hair and you have achieved permanent hair removal.

What You Need to Know

electrolysisElectrolysis is highly effective but  repeated treatments are needed to ensure that all of the hair gets treated. The average treatment length for permanent hair removal is about 18 months. While it may cost a bit more upfront, in the long run it is very cost effective and time saving. Choosing someone with exceptional skill and expertise is essential to getting the results you desire.

Contact our offices today to schedule a consultation for electrolysis epilation with our team. It takes only a few minutes to learn if this treatment option is right for you and what you can expect from it.

Contact our Limoges Beauty Team in NYC today at 646-205-8741.Permanent hair removal best new york city laser electrolysis plucking waxing hair types blonde red dark facials shaving aesthetics pcos chin mustache smooth ingrown stuck

What does Electrolysis Look Like?

electrolysisYou may have heard a lot about electrolysis. You may have also read about what it feels like, what the various methods out there are and how it compares to other types of hair removal. But today we are going to discuss what electrolysis looks like. We will cover topics such as: what is in our office, the room environment, and the physical positioning during treatment. We hope that being aware of this information will offer you an overview of what a typical session is like and help you know what to expect.

When you first arrive, you will be seated briefly in our waiting area. We offer magazines, water and also have a bathroom on site if needed. We will then lead you to our treatment room. Unlike some electrolysis offices that have bright, fluorescent lighting which can feel cold and sterile like a doctor’s office, Limoges Beauty NYC aims to provide a serene, spa-like setting. Upon entering our treatment room, you will notice that it is dimly lit. This helps our clients to feel more calm and relaxed. Additionally, we offer music (from pop to folk to light rock), which is a great tool for allowing our clients to enjoy their session more. Some clients report that their sessions seem to go by faster with music, and some even say they feel less sensation when they are focused on the music. We understand that electrolysis can be nerve-wracking for some clients, so our utmost concern is your comfort and ease.The room has a padded table for clients to lay down on for their treatment. Depending on the area being treated, some clients lay on their backs, some on their stomachs and others on their sides. We may check in with you during the session to make sure you are content with your positioning and we understand if you would like to readjust. Additionally, if you ever bring a friend or partner with you for your session, note that we have an additional chair in our room for guests.

When it comes to keeping our office sanitary, we abide by industry standards for sterilization procedures and ensure the safest environment. For each client, we wear a new facial mask, a new pair of latex gloves and we cover the table with new paper after it has been wiped down. We also use a medical grade autoclave to sterilize tweezers and caps after each use. During treatment, we offer sanitized goggles for any clients having work done on their upper body or face, which will help avoid the bright work light shining in your eyes.

we clean the room throughout the day. We make sure that our floors and equipment materials are kept neat and tidy. We dispose of single use instruments in a medical waste container after each session. We are strict about maintaining a hygienic environment.

Whenever you have any procedure done, be aware of your surroundings. Check for an autoclave, latex gloves, individually wrapped probes, paper towels and a lined wastebasket. Prioritize your health and safety and be sure to talk to us if you have any concerns.

Electrolysis is one of the most safe and effective forms of hair removal. We invest in quality products and sterilization tools to provide you with a clean, professional and comfortable environment. Our clients keep coming back for more! Book at Limoges Beauty NYC today for a consultation.

12 Tips for a Positive Electrolysis Experience

electrolysisYou may have heard a lot about electrolysis. Some may say it takes too long, others may say it can be a bit painful. Whatever your concern, there are many things you can do to achieve an enjoyable electrolysis appointment. Please read the below list of tips for a very “smooth” session:

1. Stay out of the sun for 48 hours before your treatment to avoid dilation of the blood vessels and use sunscreen!

2. Make sure skin is moisturized. Using a simple, light lotion the day before or the day of treatment will help your skin from drying out. Please feel free to inquire with us about recommended products for moisturizing before treatments. There are several brands we suggest and offer for sale in our office. Prior to treatment, avoid any ointments or creams that could zap all the hydration out of your skin, such as witch hazel. Note that witch hazel is great to use after appointments since it is anti-inflammatory and helps to tighten freshly opened pores.

3. Drink water! Hydration is key for maintaining supple and elastic skin, which affects a lot of aspects of electrolysis treatments. To begin with, the electrolysis probes will slide into the follicle more easily. Also, the hair follicles will more seamlessly detach from their roots during the plucking process. If you are dehydrated, it may cause hairs to break at the surface during tweezing, leaving skin feeling not as smooth as it could be. Being hydrated may even help the treatments feel less painful overall. Hydration can help skin heal more quickly as well. No need to drink too much water, as you will not want to be hopping to the bathroom throughout the duration of your appointment! Also, make sure to drink at least one-to- two liters per day for general health in between appointments.

4. Try to stay relaxed. A hectic or stressful day may lead to a more uncomfortable electrolysis session. This is because skin may be more tight and sensitive during this time. Try to take some deep breaths or listen to music before and during the appointment. We offer light music in our office, which typically helps to ease or reduce any tenseness.

5. Avoid caffeine and sugar before your appointment. This can make you irritable and your skin more sensitive.

6. Some people find that being tired for their appointment works well for them because they can rest. Some clients even sleep on the table while being treated. Taking this time to rest might help it go faster and minimize pain.

7. Let the electrologist tweeze ingrown hairs. We are experts at this! With our strong light and proper angle, we can view the hair beneath the skin and the direction it is in. We can successfully treat these hairs. There is no need to wax, shave or pluck these ingrown hairs on your own, as it could possibly risk inflammation or making the problem worse.

8. Try a mild pain reliever such as Advil 30 minutes before your appointment to reduce discomfort during the appointment and any swelling or aching afterwards.

9. Another way to reduce pain is cooling spray, which numbs the skin temporarily. If you are interested in this, please inquire at your appointment as we have it available.

electrolysis10. Wear comfortable clothes. Putting on anything too tight (such as leggings or pantyhose) may rub against the skin and cause the newly opened follicles to feel irritated. Loose fitting clothes will help begin the healing process because it lets the skin breathe and have access to fresh air.

11. For longer appointments, make sure to eat a snack or meal beforehand. This will help you to feel satisfied and comfortable throughout your session.

12. For female clients, certain times of the month may affect your pain threshold. Many women find that the week before and during menstruation is typically more sensitive. It is completely up to you if you want to avoid booking appointments at this time. Note that we can always use a weaker setting during this time if you still want to be treated. Whether you have been doing electrolysis for years, or haven’t yet started, we hope that these tips help your next session be the best one yet! Our goal for all of our clients is for them to enjoy their hair removal process as much as possible. We do all that we can to make your session positive and comfortable. Please contact Limoges Beauty today!

Hair Removal for Bikini Area

hair removal bikini areaWhen it comes to looking your best during the summer season, tackling the bikini line and area can be a challenge. The problem is that hair removal for bikini area can be difficult. If you’ve ever shaved the area you know that the thicker, coarser hair, located there is very difficult to remove fully and usually grows back quickly. In general, removing hair from the bikini line can a challenging process.

Why Not Laser for Hair Removal for Bikini Area Treatment?

In addition, you may have thought about more advanced procedures like laser hair removal and wondered if it could work. However, the truth is that it depends on the hair color and type. If there is not enough hair in that area, laser treatments can cause hair stimulation. It is best to consult with a highly experienced laser technician.  For those with thick dark course hair, it is best to do laser first to thin  and reduce the amount of  hair. For a permanent hair removal of the bikini area, consider the value of electrolysis. It may be the solution for your specific needs.

How Can Electrolysis Work for You Instead?

Electrolysis is highly effective in this region of the body. It offers a permanent solution to ensure your hair does not grow back in this area. A permanent solution with no regrowth can help you find a solution that you can rely on for years to come. In addition to this, it is also ideal for getting rid of ingrown hairs and works on all hair types. This is a common concern with the bikini line and bikini area.

hair removalKeep in mind that electrolysis is a highly effective solution that damages the hair follicle and eliminates hair growth over the course of several treatments. Unlike laser treatment which reduces the amount of hair present, this is a solution for permanent hair removal. For many men and women, it is this reason that they select this treatment over others.


How Can You Get Help?

In general, removing hair from the bikini line can a challenging process. Limoges Beauty is knowledgable about all types of hair removal. It is best to turn to an experienced professional that specializes in this type of hair removal to ensure it is highly effective.  Book an appointment with the best electrolysis team in Manhattan, Limoges Beauty, to achieve all your unwanted hair removal goals.

Side Effects of Electrolysis

Overall, electrolysis is highly effective. It is also one of the safest procedures you can have. The reason for this is quite simple. Electrolysis, done by a professional, is designed to eliminate hair growth by damaging the hair follicle, eliminating its ability to produce hair. This process is done using very safe, FDA approved methods. You can feel confident that, if you use a well qualified professional, you’ll get the results you want.

What Are Potential Side Effects of Electrolysis?

The side effects of electrolysis tend to be very minimal if any. When you come in for a consultation, you will learn more about what you can expect specifically. In addition, you will learn what types of side effects you can have. In most cases, side effects will include:

  • Slight irritation of the skin in the treatment area.
  • Minimal pain and discomfort in the treatment area.
  • Redness in the treated area.

Most people say this method creates a small sting when applied to the skin, much like a snap of a rubber band against the skin. In most situations, individuals will have no need for any medication to treat their side effects. Nevertheless, you should tell your technician about your health, any risks you may have, and any other factors that could impact your outcome.

Treatment for Side Effects

When you speak to your technician about your procedure, be sure to ask questions about how to properly treat any side effect you may have. In some cases, your doctor may provide you with a numbing treatment that can help minimize any feeling you have in the treatment area. You may also want to choose an over the counter numbing product.

If you have discomfort from the procedure, taking an over the counter pain medication such as an NSAID may be helpful. Follow your doctor’s recommendations for this.

Finally, some individuals develop a significant amount of anxiety from the procedure, often times because they are worried about how it will feel. Talk to your doctor about medications to reduce your anxiety especially if you tend to be nervous or anxious often.
For many people, the side effects of electrolysis are minimal and they long term benefits it offers are outstanding. Take a few minutes to talk to our experienced technicians to learn more about the process and what you can expect from this type of treatment from our Manhattan providers. Call at 646-205-8741 to schedule a consult.

How to Compare Electrolysis Treatments

93When it comes to finding the right provider for your hair removal treatment, there are many things to consider. The first consideration is the method you will use to get rid of unwanted hair. For many men and women, electrolysis is the ideal solution. It offers permanent results and does not create many side effects. Most importantly, it is a safe, FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Now that you know that this is the treatment option for you, the next step is to choose the right provider. What should you consider?

Experience Makes the Difference

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing an electrolysis treatment provider is the amount of experience and skill he or she has. The technician you work with needs to be experienced at using the treatment option, and working with patients. In short, practice and skill level really does make a difference with this type of hair removal method. Also talk to the technician about the specific treatment plan. What will they do? What is the procedure? Why does it work and what does it offer? The more information you have, the better the decision you can make is.

Reducing Pain and Providing Care

Next, consider what the technician can offer to you in terms of keeping pain to a minimum. Many patients will feel some discomfort during the procedure. While it is, overall, minimal, it can be bothersome to some individuals. Talk to the technician about the methods they use to reduce and treatment any pain that you have during the process.


electrolysisHow thorough the technician is will ultimately determine the outcome of the procedure and the number of treatments you will need. You’ll want to choose a professional that does not miss any hair. And, you want one that will take the time with the process to ensure there are no scars left after the procedure is over. Ask questions about the technician who will work with you to learn what you can expect.

Electrolysis treatment is effective, but the provider will ultimately play a role in determining just how effective your treatment is. Take the time to ask questions and get to know the professionals you are working with. It can ultimately make the difference in the long term. When you come in to see Emily, the owner, and her staff you can expect exceptional, thorough service throughout the procedure.


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