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Our Different Probes at Limoges Beauty

At Limoges Beauty, we use premium quality tools and equipment. In this article, we will be discussing everything there is know about the insertion probes we use.

We are very careful about using the right probes for the right clients. Using an electrolysis probe that matches the diameter of the hair being treated is crucial to ensure that the derma papilla is destroyed most effectively. Also, certain probes protect against certain skin sensitivities, which we will explain further below.

In our office, we use Ballet Insulated probes and Pro-Tec probes. These are medical grade and utilized for galvanic and blend treatment methods. All of our probes are sterile and disposable. They are single use only, which provides the most hygienic treatment process possible. Their smooth insertions allow for ease and comfort on all face and body parts during treatments of all lengths, from 15 minutes to several hours long.

Ballet insulated probes are the industry leader and offer a wide variety of benefits. This is a one-part probe that only allows the electric current to come out of the very tip of the probe. The remainder of the probe is coated to protect a client’s skin from any heat (thermolysis). Also, these probes feel more comfortable for the client when it comes to insertion. They quite easily glide into the hair follicle resulting in no pain. Truthfully, most clients do not even feel the probe being inserted at all! Because of this, these probes are best harnessed for long treatment sessions. Furthermore, these probes are so fine that they result in less surface redness, inflammation and swelling. We understand that no client wants to walk out of their appointment with a blotchy pink pigmentation of their skin. Though some redness is expected, we understand that this could be embarrassing. Our goal is to have our clients walk out of our office feeling confident about their newly smooth skin, not wanting to hide it. On this note, it is never a good idea to put on makeup, creams or lotions immediately after an appointment because the follicles are still open and more likely to get irritated.

The second type of probe we use at Limoges beauty are Pro-Tec. They are top quality and are ideal for clients with sensitive skin or allergies to nickel or stainless steel. Pro-Tec probes are two parts and are oval-shaped. They have medical-grade IsoGard and IsoBlend teflon insulation. This insulation focuses the current at the probe’s tip, which reduces intensity. Also, this probe has a color-coded SteriGard protective collar, which further prevents contamination. The oval shaped tip allows for a smooth insertion process, prevents the probe from piercing the follicle, and offers resistance when the hair root is felt. There are four variations: red, yellow, green and purple (ranging from smallest to largest). Red and yellow are great for upper lip treatments.

We hope you learned a bit more about the types of probes we use at Limoges Beauty in this article. It is our goal to take the best care of our clients and make them as comfortable as possible. We would love to learn more about you and your hair removal goals. Please book a consultation with us today with booking system on the top of our page!

The Importance of a Consultation

Embarking on an electrolysis journey of your own can be a big decision. You may wonder: Is this the right method for me? How will my body respond? How do I find an electrologist who is a good fit for me? Whatever you are feeling, it is important to do some research first. The perfect place to start is setting up a consultation with an electrologist, which we offer for anyone interested in services with Limoges Beauty.

A consultation is a great way to learn an overview of electrolysis, share your hair removal goals, become familiar with our environment and get to know our practitioners. By coming to meet us in person, you will have the opportunity to learn from us first hand about our offerings. We can walk you through the various types of electrolysis we offer (thermolysis, galvanic and blend) and the differences between them. We also describe what a typical session consists of and we could even do a sample treatment on you.

A consultation is also the ideal time to discuss any questions or concerns. Please come prepared with any topics you would like to discuss. Some common questions are:

What does electrolysis feel like?

How many treatments will it take to notice results?

What type of reactions could my skin have?

What costs are associated?

What is your training and experience level?

How do you keep your office environment and equipment hygienic?

What can I do to prepare my skin before treatment and how should I care for my skin post treatment?


During a consultation, we will want to get to know you and your goals. We may ask you questions like:

What type of hair removal methods have you used in the past?

Why are you interested in starting electrolysis now?

What facial or body areas are you interested in having treated?

Do you use Acutane?

What can we do to make your experience with us as the best it can be?


From here, we will develop an individualized treatment plan to fit you and your needs. As far as choosing a practitioner, there are several qualifications to consider. Any electrologist you choose to work with should have a certificate at minimum to practice. They should have formal school training. Everyone at Limoges Beauty has exceeded these credentials and goes above industry standard protocols. We are very invested in continuously learning the latest innovations in the industry and updating our equipment. We enjoy building long lasting and loyal relationships with our clients. Feel free to learn more about each of our practitioners in the “Who We Are” section,

Another thing to look for in an electrologist practice is a clean and professional environment. At Limoges Beauty, we wear disposable gloves, utilize sterile and single-use probes. We clean our non-disposable tools thoroughly and carefully.

While determining if electrolysis is right for you, we strongly suggest that you take some time to do some of your own research upfront. This could include watching our animated consultation video or reading through our previous blog posts. In these articles, we cover a multitude of topics relating to electrolysis and can guarantee that there are answers to many of your questions. We want you to be as comfortable and informed as possible. By coming to the consultation prepared, it will help us both make the most out of this initial meeting.

We hope that you decide to book a consultation with us. We are eager and ready to help you accomplish your goals throughout this life-changing journey! Please book online or call us today at 646-894-1830.

Get to know our electrologist Dominique

How did you decide to get into electrolysis work?

I first went to Emily for electrolysis and her treatments made such a big difference in my life. I was inspired to join her mission and help others in the way that she helped me.

What kind of training did you have and where?

I graduated from the Berkowits School after completing 320 practical hours. I have a background in hospital administration and construction.

How long have you been an electrologist and what are some of your favorite aspects of your job?

I have been an electrologist for almost a year. Some of my favorite aspects are interacting with the clients, sharing my knowledge of hair, growth and removal. Above all, I love being able to make our clients feel better about their appearance and boost their confidence. 

What are some of the challenging aspects of your job?

One of the biggest challenges of electrolysis is mastering the insertion technique which if done incorrectly can cause many problems such as ingrown hairs and pitting of the skin.  My previous work in construction helped me to master the insertion techniques quickly. I am delicate with my hands, detail-oriented and focused.

What are some common misconceptions people have about electrolysis?

Some common misconceptions about electrolysis are that it is an old technique that no one uses, that it is really painful and that it does not work. New technology we use at Limoges Beauty and methods provide an effective permanent treatment. Not to mention, these treatments are safer and more gentle than ever!

What qualities do you recommend people look for in an electrologist?

Some qualities that I would recommend people look for in an electrologist are: honest, hardworking, personable, knowledgeable in electrolysis and hair growth and removal. They must also have good eyesight and a steady hand. Everyone at this practice is warm, kind and accepting of all types of clients.

What is the environment like at Limoges Beauty?

The environment at Limoges Beauty is warm and inviting. We cater to each of our clients and make sure that they leave happy and satisfied. We use modern machines that are medical grade and industry standard. We clean our office daily to maintain a hygienic, safe and comfortable space.

What makes Limoges Beauty different from other practices?

What makes us different at Limoges Beauty is each member of the team has received electrolysis and is passionate about it. We receive private training and advanced training at Dectro International. We strive to be on the cutting edge of the latest happenings in the industry so that we can offer our clients the very best.

What makes clients choose electrolysis over other hair removal treatments?

They choose it because it is the only method approved by the FDA to permanently get rid of hair. Unlike every single other hair removal method, once a hair follicle is deactivated, the hair will never grow back. For a sleek, smooth, hair-free look, electrolysis is the best solution.

How has electrolysis been life changing for you or your clients? 

Electrolysis has been life changing for me because it helped me find my confidence again as well as my new career. I am so thankful to have found my passion and to help others.


Meet our Electrolysis Staff

electrolysisIn this blog post, we are interviewing one of our electrologists, Yocheved Turner. She is a very kind, geniune and talented member of our team. Read on to learn more about her experience and what electrolysis means to her.

How did you decide to get into electrolysis work?

I decided to get into electrolysis when I was living in Baltimore. I was in community college unsure of what career path I wanted to choose. At the time I was looking for an electrologist in my area and could not find one. I saw an opening in the market and decided this would be something I’d really enjoy doing.

What kind of training did you have and where?

I went to Berkowits School of Electrolysis in Forest Hills in Queens, NY. I did 600 hours of school as required by the state of Maryland, as opposed to the 120 hours required by New York State. I have also received advanced training the Dectro Academy, in Quebec City QC. Dectro is the leader in electrolysis technology. 

How long have you been an electrologist?

I have been an electrologist for three years.

What are some of your favorite aspects of your job?

My favorite aspect of the job is definitely the clients! I really get to know each of them over the course of treating them. It is completely life changing and extremely gratifying. I also love the tedious nature of the job, you can work for a long time on one small area and when you step back you see all the progress you actually made. Electrolysis is like an art form.

What are some of the challenging aspects of your job?

Just like my clients, I get frustrated when I’m not seeing the progress I expect. I have to remind myself that every client is different with different growth patterns, different hormones and even if the progress is not visible, the treatment is still working. Electrolysis takes an average of 18 months to complete, I have to remember some people get faster results and others have to take some extra time.

What are some common misconceptions people have about electrolysis?

A common misconception I have found people have is that electrolysis is an out-of-date method that is inferior to laser hair removal. This is not true at all. Also many people think electrolysis is very painful. With the technology that we use, electrolysis is very manageable. 

What qualities do you recommend people look for in an electrologist?

One of the most important qualities to look for in an electrologist is cleanliness. Make sure they use disposable probes and a proper method for sterilizing their tools like an autoclave. The office should be clean and sterile. I also recommend speaking to the electrologist you are looking into to discuss what you are planning to work on and what your expectations are. This will be an ongoing relationship and it is important you feel comfortable with the technician. An electrologist should be friendly, approachable, knowledgeable, and dexterous. 

What is the environment like at Limoges Beauty and how is it different from other electrolysis practices?


The environment of Limoges beauty is professional and clean, laid back and warm. It is different from any other place I have worked or electrolysis office I’ve been to. It has the perfect balance of spa like tranquility, medical office professionalism and NYC chicness. It is a place you enjoy coming back to knowing that you are in kind and capable hands to get your hair permanently removed. We built amazing relationships with our clients, and they are excited to see us. It is a nice feeling to work at such a welcoming office.

What makes clients choose electrolysis over other hair removal treatments?

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Many of my clients come to me after trying different methods of hair removal. They invested time and money in laser only to have the laser stimulate more hair growth. While electrolysis is longer time commitment, there is no risk of hair stimulation or skin damage. With electrolysis you can also get the blonde, white and very fine dark hairs that laser does not. 

How has electrolysis been life changing for you or your clients?

Electrolysis is life changing. I have clients of all genders and age with varying degrees of hirsutism. The self-esteem boost that comes with successful permanent hair removal is priceless.

To speak with Yocheved or book an appointment with her, please contact us today. We hope to learn more about your goals, questions and concerns. We look forward to embarking on this life-changing journey with you.

Taboos, Tools, Techniques in Hair History

Hair History Around The World

Hair has always been a hot topic in societies around the world. For as long as humans have been in existence, they have been on a search for methods to remove their hair. Whether for vanity, religion, or even safety, there have been interesting beliefs about hair and there have certainly been some odd methods of removing it. In this article, we will discuss some fascinating hair removal taboos, tools and techniques throughout history and the world.

Contrary to contemporary times, hair removal has not always been about vanity. Throughout the caveman era, ancient Greece and Egypt, men believed that hair removal was essential for survival. They speculated that removing hair from their head and beard would protect them from any invading force that could potentially try to grab onto them during battle. They felt that hair removal was truly a shield of safety in war times. Hair removal has held other significance as well. In some Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Hindu traditions, head and eyebrow shaving has played a role in regards to joining a monastic community or beginning school.

Women in a variety of cultures have also indulged in hair removal practices. In ancient Egypt, Greece and the Middle East, women aimed to rid their body of all hair, head to toe. Sometimes they would literally rid the head on their hair! In the late 1500s, women began removing hair from their eyebrows and foreheads, which they believed made them appear more fashionable. Many women even used walnut oil on kids’ foreheads to stave off hair growth. Possibly, one of the strangest techniques of all, women even created bandages of ammonia (cat feces and vinegar) to prevent hair growth.

In the early 1900s, societal beliefs about hair in the US and Europe took at turn. Ads claimed that hair on face, neck, legs and arms was “humiliating.”  Models were featured in magazines with no armpit or leg hair. These types of media campaigns set the stage for the mainstream public’s acceptance of hair removal, which is still widely understood today.

When it comes to the techniques for hair removal, there have been many throughout time. In the earliest of times, people simply used what they could find! According to History Undressed, this meant items like sharp rocks, pumice stones, flint blades, bronze and seashells. Items like these were dangerous and, likely, pretty painful. Not to mention, scraping at the skin with these tools was time consuming. It has been said that ridding hair in a single area could take place over the course of three years.

However, several historic techniques are still applied today, through many have been modified for safety and ease. Waxing was utilized in olden times. By applying a beeswax paste followed by a thin cloth, hair was pulled out in patches. In the Roman Empire, wealthy class citizens harnessed creams, razors, and tweezers. Another ancient method was threading, which meant weaving yarn through fingers and roughly rubbing it on the hair. This technique would result in pulling the hair away from the body and is practiced through today.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about hair history. As this article illustrates, you are certainly not alone in your quest for a hair free life. Men and women around the entire globe have sought for a silky, smooth skin for centuries. It is not always easy to find the best method that suits your goals. Of all the methods available in the market today, electrolysis is the ONLY permanent, FDA approved hair removal method. If you are interested in exploring electrolysis or would like to book an appointment, please call us today.

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