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Electrolysis vs Laser

Electrolysis vs Laser.Unwanted facial and body hair is a nuisance. It can cause low self-esteem and poor confidence. Unwanted hair on the face is the biggest issue for many women. When it comes to hair removal techniques, electrolysis and laser treatment are two of the most sought after solutions. Unlike other methods such as waxing, threading, epilating, and using tweezers, electrolysis and laser treatment offer long term unwanted hair removal solutions.

How electrolysis works.

A tiny probe delivers an electric current into the hair follicle, damaging it in the process. After the follicle is damaged several times it cannot produce any more hair and this makes electrolysis a permanent method of hair removal. Electrolysis can be used to remove unwanted hair on the face and other body parts.

How laser treatment works.

Concentrated light pulses are directed onto the hair follicles. The pigment in the hair follicles absorbs the concentrated light which destroys the hair as a result. The laser specifically targets the hair and therefore the surrounding skin cells are not damaged. Lasers can be used to remove unwanted hair on the face, arms, legs, chest and bikini line.

Electrolysis over Laser.

Electrolysis vs Laser.Of the two methods electrolysis is the best. It removes unwanted hair permanently unlike laser treatments which only offers temporary hair reduction. Laser treatment focuses on destroying the pigment and this leaves the hair root damaged temporarily. Chances of hair regrowth are therefore very high, making laser treatment a non-permanent method of hair removal. Electrolysis destroys the hairs root and blood supply completely,  ensuring permanent removal of unwanted hair.

Since laser treatment focuses on the hair pigment, only dark and dense hair can be removed using this method and it does not work when the hair is any other color. Electrolysis removes hairs of all types and does not depend on  the color of the hair because its method of action does not depend on the hair pigment.

Electrolysis vs Laser.The length and number of treatment sessions required for effective removal of unwanted hair is higher for electrolysis than it is for laser treatment. This is because electrolysis is very thorough and it targets individual hair follicles as opposed to the blanket approach adopted by laser treatment.

All factors considered, electrolysis is by far the best method for removing unwanted hair on different parts of the face and body.

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