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Trying anything new for the first time can be nerve wracking. Electrolysis, especially, can be intimidating considering you might only know it involves electricity, a lot of time and individually plucked hairs! The truth is, electrolysis is FDA approved, safe and permanent. Our main goal is to help our clients feel at ease and rid of unwanted hair. At Limoges Electrolysis NYC, we strive to create a comfortable, respectful and understanding environment for our clients. By offering a free consultation, we take the time to educate possible clients on the physical process of electrolysis as well as understand what the client is looking to achieve.

electrolysisWe know that getting just to the point of consultation takes a lot of work and courage on your part. It takes a lot of time and energy to research hair removal methods, the nature of treatments, possible electrologists. All of this on top of dealing with your current unwanted hair can be a frustrating process. We commend you for taking the time to educate yourself by reading this blog and exploring treatment methods!

For anyone who is interested in learning more about electrolysis services, we offer informative consultations. The main goal of these meetings is to educate you and understand your personal situation. We want to learn what areas on your body are most concerning for you. We may ask you to fill out a form noting your medical history, any current conditions and your contact information. We also will want to know what hair removal methods you have used in the past (such as tweezing, laser, shaving, waxing, etc.), which will allow us to better suggest a certain treatment.

We will inform you on the process of electrolysis, the three types of electrology treatments (Thermolysis, Galvanic or Blend methods), the hair follicle anatomy and growth patterns. We also help you understand factors (such as health, genetics, stress, etc.) that may be contributing to your hair issues. We can help set up a safe and effective treatment plan for you. The plan would include a possible schedule, duration, method, recommended supplementary treatments, etc.

We want to make sure that possible clients have a good understanding of electrolysis and know what to expect. We could even do a test treatment on a couple follicles so you can get to familiar with the feeling. This will allow us to see how your skin reacts to treatment. If time permits, we can continue a longer treatment that day. We want you to feel comfortable with electrolysis and know that it is not anything to be concerned about.

The in-office consultation could last between 10-20 minutes and is complimentary.

All of the information divulged during a consultation will be held in strict confidentiality.

Over time, we will discuss with you the progress of your treatments and make sure we are reaching your goals. So take the next step and set up your free consultation with Limoges Electrolysis NYC today so that you can be hair free, permanently. You have nothing to lose – except your unwanted hair!


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