Our Different Probes at Limoges Beauty

At Limoges Beauty, we use premium quality tools and equipment. In this article, we will be discussing everything there is know about the insertion probes we use.

We are very careful about using the right probes for the right clients. Using an electrolysis probe that matches the diameter of the hair being treated is crucial to ensure that the derma papilla is destroyed most effectively. Also, certain probes protect against certain skin sensitivities, which we will explain further below.

In our office, we use Ballet Insulated probes and Pro-Tec probes. These are medical grade and utilized for galvanic and blend treatment methods. All of our probes are sterile and disposable. They are single use only, which provides the most hygienic treatment process possible. Their smooth insertions allow for ease and comfort on all face and body parts during treatments of all lengths, from 15 minutes to several hours long.

Ballet insulated probes are the industry leader and offer a wide variety of benefits. This is a one-part probe that only allows the electric current to come out of the very tip of the probe. The remainder of the probe is coated to protect a client’s skin from any heat (thermolysis). Also, these probes feel more comfortable for the client when it comes to insertion. They quite easily glide into the hair follicle resulting in no pain. Truthfully, most clients do not even feel the probe being inserted at all! Because of this, these probes are best harnessed for long treatment sessions. Furthermore, these probes are so fine that they result in less surface redness, inflammation and swelling. We understand that no client wants to walk out of their appointment with a blotchy pink pigmentation of their skin. Though some redness is expected, we understand that this could be embarrassing. Our goal is to have our clients walk out of our office feeling confident about their newly smooth skin, not wanting to hide it. On this note, it is never a good idea to put on makeup, creams or lotions immediately after an appointment because the follicles are still open and more likely to get irritated.

The second type of probe we use at Limoges beauty are Pro-Tec. They are top quality and are ideal for clients with sensitive skin or allergies to nickel or stainless steel. Pro-Tec probes are two parts and are oval-shaped. They have medical-grade IsoGard and IsoBlend teflon insulation. This insulation focuses the current at the probe’s tip, which reduces intensity. Also, this probe has a color-coded SteriGard protective collar, which further prevents contamination. The oval shaped tip allows for a smooth insertion process, prevents the probe from piercing the follicle, and offers resistance when the hair root is felt. There are four variations: red, yellow, green and purple (ranging from smallest to largest). Red and yellow are great for upper lip treatments.

We hope you learned a bit more about the types of probes we use at Limoges Beauty in this article. It is our goal to take the best care of our clients and make them as comfortable as possible. We would love to learn more about you and your hair removal goals. Please book a consultation with us today with booking system on the top of our page!

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