Electrolysis for Facial Hair

electrolysisIf you have unwanted facial hair, you may have tried a variety of methods to get rid of it. Shaving, threading, and waxing are okay for immediate results, but they have to be done routinely to give you the look and feel you want. Waxing and threading can get expensive as it has to be done for a lifetime to maintain their results. In addition, waxing and threading facial hair will increase the amount of hair and make it thicker and stronger.  When it comes to electrolysis, facial hair is one of the main areas commonly treated using this method of hair removal. You may wish to take a closer look at how this procedure works and why it is so beneficial for those who are tired of having to trim, pluck, wax, thread, and shave unwanted hair on their face.

Is It Okay for the Face?

Electrolysis is an effective way of treating unwanted hair and it can be used on the facial areas. It can work on most areas of the skin as long as the technician using the treatment is able to see the hair growth present.

In this procedure, the technician will use a state-of-the-art electrolysis machine that applies heat to the root of the follicle.  it damages the follicle enough to prevent it from producing another hair. The existing hair is removed after it is treated.

There are virtually no limitations when it comes to using electrolysis to eliminate facial hair. Your technician will talk to you about the process and what to expect. Generally, those with light colored hair tend to have more unwanted hair than those with dark hair. As a result, the process to remove unwanted light hair may take a little longer. An experienced and certified electrolysis technician can make all of the difference when seeking out this type of care.electrolysis

At Limoges Beauty we specialize in removing light hair that almost all electrologists miss and do not treat.

If you think you would like to get rid of eyebrow hair, hair on your chin, cheeks, lip line, or any other facial hair, contact the Limoges Beauty electrolysis team to discuss the options available to you. All people can see long lasting results from this type of treatment. After a few treatments, you may see that it is no longer necessary to worry about using other hair removal methods to help perfect your skin.

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