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Facial Hair and Body Hair

Discussing unwanted facial hair or body hair is a topic that most people do no wish to converse about. Whether is it cosmetic or medical, talking about unwanted facial or body hair is a very personal subject. Many people are embarrassed or afraid of being judged by it.

I am writing this particular post to let others know they are not alone in their struggle against unwanted hair.  Nobody is perfect. How many times have we heard that saying? Living in New York City, we are constantly bombarded with media and advertisements of celebrities and models with perfect looking skin. In reality, very few people have porcelain skin, and no(body) is hairless, including myself.

My Personal Unwanted Hair Issues

Woman Facial Hair

At first glance, no one believes that I would have unwanted facial or body hair. I naturally have a pale complexion and with mostly blonde body hair. However, I did have unwanted black body and facial hair. I did not have many, but they were very noticeable. These hairs were not soft or fine. They were thick, terminal hairs, and felt like stubble on a man’s beard. I was very self-conscious and embarrassed. I did not like changing in locker rooms or in front of anyone because I did not want them to see my random, “man hair”, as I called it.

Hair Removal for Blonde Hair

In addition to these hairs, I also had very long blonde hairs that would grow on my face and body. Most people would say it is not dark so do not worry about removing it. However, when someone has random blonde hairs on their body and face that grow to over an inch long, they are certainly noticeable!

Finally, I decided to rid these hairs permanently with electrolysis. With determination and persistence, the dark hairs grew back thinner and more fine. The blonde hairs grew back shorter and shorter. Eventually the hairs being treated with electrolysis ceased to exist. They were gone!

Hair Removal for Bikini Line

Today I still get treated with electrolysis for my bikini area. I often suffered from terribly painful ingrown hairs.  Electrolysis is the only hair removal method that has rid my painful ingrown hairs, leaving me with a smooth bikini line.

Throughout this process, I saw my self-confidence grow. I realized just how many people struggle with unwanted body and facial hair. I felt better knowing I was part of the majority, even if this topic is not discussed by most people.

Electrolysis: Investing In Yourself!

Unwanted facial hair and body hair do not discriminate against gender, race, or sexual orientation. Electrolysis is more than just permanent hair removal, it is a commitment you make to yourself, for yourself. Let Limoges Electrolysis in New York City help you achieve your permanent hair removal goals and boost your self-confidence.

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