Electrolysis–Early History to Present Day.

I want to discuss the beginning of electrolysis as the only form of permanent hair removal.

Galvanic Method of Electrolysis:

The origin of electrolysis dates back to 1875 when it was founded Dr. Charles Michel from St. Louis Missouri. He was an ophthalmologist who designed a system to remove his patients’ ingrown eyelashes (ouch). The type of electrolysis he invented is also called the galvanic method, and uses direct current that causes a chemical reaction of sodium hydroxide, which destroys the hair follicle.

Thermolysis Method of Electrolysis:

Electrolysis NYC p02 hair removal of the faceIn 1923, thermolysis, or an oscillating current, was first introduced as a method of hair removal by Dr. Bordier of Paris, France. Thermolysis is an oscillating, high frequency current. Picture rubbing your hands together back and forth as fast as possible. The current moves back and forth extremely quickly producing heat. This process forces the hair to release and cause tissue damage within the hair follicle so that over time, the hair is permanently removed. This method is extremely fast, and has become faster over the years as technology has greatly improved. Today Apilus, the leader in electrolysis technology, has the fastest and best machines on the market and still use similar technology.

Blend Method of Electrolysis:

In 1945, Henri St Pierre and Arthur Hinkel patented the blend method. It was developed due to the limitations of the galvanic current and thermolysis. To combat the limitations of each current separately, Pierre and Hinkel combined the galvanic current and thermolysis current together. They found that the chemical reaction occurred quicker in galvanic at higher temperatures. Since thermolysis is an oscillating current that produces heat, combining the two formed the perfect partnership. This method is great for people with curly, course, or distorted hair follicles.

Evolution of Electrolysis today:

Thermolysis is the most popular method used to today because of its speed and effectiveness. The second most popular hair removal method is blend. Galvanic is rarely used because it is very time consuming and labor intensive.

Latest technology in Electrolysis:

Electrolysis NYC p01 platinum pure apilusAt Limoges Electrolysis, we have the latest electrolysis technology. The Apilus Platinum Pure has an ultra rapid frequency that provides the most comfortable and effective treatment offered today. It has 550 programs covering each body part and hair type.

I hope you learned a bit about electrolysis, and remember, is it the only permanent hair removal method approved by the FDA. To schedule a free consultation to see if electrolysis is right for you call Limoges Electrolysis today.

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