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When it comes to getting rid of hair, there are dozens of available treatments. Which is best for your specific skin type? How much does it cost? How long does it last? Is it painful? Will it feel smooth? All of these are questions that you have likely asked throughout your journey for a hairless face and body. You might have tried one method, or 10 methods. You might have temporary success with one and horror stories from others. Why waste your time?

The truth is that electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution with universal acceptability. It works for everyone at every age. Not to mention, it has been around since 1875 and is proven safe and effective by thousands of men and women around the world. There is simply no other hair removal treatment that has the credentials. So why not start now?

You can begin electrolysis treatments at any age. At Best Electrolysis NYC, we electrolysistreat clients as young as 12. During puberty, teens experience many physical changes that can negatively affect confidence. Unattractive hair growth on facial areas like the chin, upper lip, sides of the face and cheeks is common for girls, while males might have bushy eyebrows or too much hair on their neckline. Hair of this nature is embarrassing for anyone, but especially during teen years when it is common to feel judged and peers tease. It might be difficult to talk about this topic, but there is no reason to feel alone. If teens feel like they want to learn more about electrolysis, they should speak with a guardian to arrange a consultation with Limoges Electrolysis NYC.

Electrolysis at a Young Age

By initiating electrolysis at a young age, hair is subjected to a lesser amount of other treatments (like waxing or plucking) and will actually respond better. Without plucking or waxing, hair follicles have a weaker blood supply, making electrolysis that much more effective! When you pluck or wax, blood rushes to the follicle to aid what the body believes is damage. This creates stronger hair roots and more frequent hair growth. It is wise to take electrolysis into serious consideration while in your late teens and 20s because you will live free of hair in the fully treated areas for the rest of your life. Electrolysis can be uncomfortable for some but tolerance comes with maturity and motivation.electrolysis

However, no matter your age and the type of treatments you have attempted in the past, electrolysis will still work for you. After subjecting yourself to years of wasted time, energy and money, it is important to understand that electrolysis will finally give you the look you have always wanted. We treat clients into their 70s and there is no age limit. It is never too late to be happy and stop stressing about hair!

 This is the solution you have been waiting for. Call Limoges Electrolysis NYC today to set up a free consultation. You deserve it.

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