Laser – the Good, the Bad, and the Stimulation.

Having trained and studied in laser hair removal, I am well-versed in various laser machines and how they operate. Although I mainly practice electrolysis, I think laser is a wonderful option for many people. There are several qualifications that make someone a good candidate for laser hair removal. If the hair is dark and dense these are great conditions for laser to be very effective.  These machines work by targeting the pigment in the hair. The rays are absorbed in the pigment and travel down to the root of hair, killing the blood supply of the hair. Many people have great success with laser. It is important to note, however, that the FDA considers laser hair removal “Hair Reduction” as opposed to “Permanent”. Not all hair will be removed after a proper course of treatments. The success rate differs from person to person depending on a person’s genetics, hormones, etc. Some people might experience a 90% reduction, while others might only have a 40% reduction. There is also a possibility that, over a course of time, whether it is years or months, the hair can grow back.Laser


People that have light colored hair, gray hair, red hair, or sparse hair are traditionally not good candidates for laser hair removal. The laser will not pick up the pigment on the current hair and will virtually have no effect on it


In many cases, people that are not good candidates for laser actually experience hair stimulation instead of removal! More and more, I have women coming to me for facial hair removal that have been stimulated by laser from treatments on the face. I have seen cases from Australia, Dubai, and several from prominent upper east doctors who have given their clients thick dark facial hair, similar to a man’s beard. I am told that the doctors or technicians deny making their clients facial hair worse and keep suggesting more and more laser.  Many times there is great physical pain involved with these poorly done treatments. The end result is that their unwanted hair issues are worse than before they started undergoing these very expensive treatments.


We live in a society where it is deemed socially unacceptable for women to have facial hair. These women that have terrible results with laser are susceptible to losing confidence and having lower self-esteem.  Often their social lives suffer because they have to plan around removing their unwanted hair. This is extremely stressful and can seriously burden their lives.


The reason that these stimulation cases occur more frequently than they should is because the doctor or technician is not properly trained. In many states, doctors are not required to take special training about these machines. If they hold an MD title they are legally allowed to buy the machine, with minimal to no training at all. Another component to these facial hair stimulation cases is that the technician or doctor does not use the correct settings. Proper laser hair removal is all about the correct settings! With the wrong settings stimulation can occur as well as scarring, scabbing, and extreme skin damage. Most frightening is when clinics regret to inform a person that they are not a proper candidate for laser. Instead, they treat the person simply to take their money without any regard for the customer’s well being.


There is very little information about why laser hair removal can stimulate hair growth, especially on the face. I believe in time, more studies will be conducted and information will be released. While I still believe laser is a great option for many people, and it is not for everyone. I have had fantastic results permanently removing the unwanted hair from laser stimulation. It is very rewarding giving a woman her self-confidence back and seeing her radiance and happiness. If you have excess hair from laser stimulation, I encourage you to book your free consultation today with Limoges Electrolysis!




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