How to Get the Best Results from Electrolysis: Part 1

To achieve the best results for permanent hair removal through electrolysis, there is some very important information that I would like to share with you. This is going to be a two-part blog series discussing the skill level of the electrologist, and the growth cycle of hair. Today I am going to discuss and explain the importance of skill level of the electrologist.

Skill level of the Electrologist

Electrolysis is permanent because it targets and destroys the dermal papilla, which is the blood supply that makes the hair grow. As shown in the diagram below, you can see that the dermal papilla is attached to the root of the hair, nourishing it.

Hair Follicle
Hair Follicle – Probe Insertion

Proper Insertion of the Electrolysis Probe

The probe is properly inserted into the hair follicle at the right depth reaching the dermal papilla. Then, the electrical current is applied, weakening and damaging the dermal papilla. As a result, the hair grows back weaker and then, eventually, not at all because electrolysis has stopped the dermal papilla from providing nourishment to the hair.

The reason the skill of the of the electrologist is so important is because if the insertion of the probe is not proper, it can result in a poor treatment and even increased hair growth!

Missing the Hair Follicle

If the probe misses the hair follicle, the hair is not actually being treated, only plucked. Plucking hair on the face can result in more facial hair because the heart is sending more blood to nourish the damaged dermal papilla. Blood supply to the dermal papilla can result in more hair growth!

Insertion Depth of the Electrolysis Probe

The electrologist also must be able to properly insert the probe to the appropriate depth of the hair follicle. If an insertion is too shallow, the probe will not target the dermal papilla directly, causing a weaker treatment. As a result, more sessions will be needed to remove the hair from the follicle. In addition, a shallow insertion can burn and damage the top layer of the skin.

If the insertion of the probe is too deep, it can puncture the bottom of the hair follicle. This can cause bleeding, swelling, and more pain to the area.

Achieving the Best Results

At Limoges Electrolysis, we pride ourselves on our expert skill level. Many of my personal clientele have told me how happy they are with their permanent hair removal results. Most are shocked and comment on how my treatments are less painful and more effective than their prior electrolysis treatments elsewhere.

I strive to provide the best service to everyone. While living in New York City, it can be difficult to find great services at an affordable price. I invite you to discover superior service at Limoges Electrolysis.

Do something nice for yourself and book your free consultation!

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