How to Compare Electrolysis Treatments

When it comes to finding the right provider for your hair removal treatment, there are many things to consider. The first consideration is the method you will use to get rid of unwanted hair. For many men and women, electrolysis is the ideal solution. It offers permanent results and does not create many side effects.… Continue Reading

Is Electrolysis Permanent?

Are you looking for a way to get rid of unwanted hair and hoping to find a permanent solution? One of the options to take into consideration is electrolysis. For many men and women, electrolysis is the best option for getting rid of hair. It is a process that is best done by a licensed… Continue Reading

Hydrate for Happy Skin

What does your skin feel like? Is it dry? Oily? Smooth? Scaly? Taking care of your skin can be hugely beneficial to the success of your electrolysis treatments and your quality of life in general. In particular, keeping your skin hydrated is key. When your body gets enough water, your skin is happier! In this… Continue Reading

Terminal Hair and Electrolysis

Terminal Hair  There are all different kinds of hair. From head to toe, hair can grow, for different purposes and at various times throughout life. Electrolysis is effective for treating all types of hair – curly, straight, light, dark, fine or thick. In this article we will discuss terminal hair and why it is typically… Continue Reading

Overview of Popular Hair Removal Methods

  When you first started growing unwanted hair, what options did you feel you had to get rid of it? Or did you even know there were a variety of methods available? The vast majority of adolescents and young adults going through puberty count on shaving to get them through. But what if they had… Continue Reading

Laser Hair Removal and Specific Methods

Many people experience great results from laser hair removal. First practiced in 1961, laser is now one of the most common cosmetic procedures in the United States. It is FDA approved with none or mild side effects. In this article, we will briefly discuss laser hair treatments in general and outline the three primary laser… Continue Reading

Consultation and First Visit

Trying anything new for the first time can be nerve wracking. Electrolysis, especially, can be intimidating considering you might only know it involves electricity, a lot of time and individually plucked hairs! The truth is, electrolysis is FDA approved, safe and permanent. Our main goal is to help our clients feel at ease and rid… Continue Reading

The Hair Removal Experience

What does an electrolysis experience feel like? In this article, we will review two types and how each of them physically feels. First of all, we want you to know that at Limoges Electrolysis NYC, we use state of the art machines, the Apilus XCell. This super modern technology helps to minimize pain. Older machines resulted… Continue Reading

A Clean Environment

When it comes to cosmetic procedures, stringent sterilization practices are important. Though there are no set regulations for sterilization techniques for electrolysis offices in the state of New York, at Top Electrolysis NYC, we prioritize clean tools and a clean environment. We abide by industry standards for sterilization procedures. There are several procedures we take… Continue Reading

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