Could Your Thyroid be the Cause of Excessive Hair?

Many women don’t know the reason behind their excessive hair growth. The majority of them do not discuss the matter with their doctors, since they might attribute it to changes in stress or genetics. Thyroid function could be playing an important role in regards to your excess hair growth. Some men also deal with excessive… Continue Reading

Be Prepared for Spring and Summer!

Have you ever started getting your body summer-ready in April or May? How about June or July? Why the rush? Last-minute shaving, waxes and other quick fixes are not enjoyable or effective. When it comes to your summer body, Fall and Winter are the ideal times to begin preparing if you want to see the best results. Popular areas… Continue Reading

Transgender Hair Removal

At its core, electrolysis is about a lot more than just hair removal. It offers the freedom to be who you really are. For those who are undergoing gender reassignment, electrolysis is often one of the keys towards meaningful self-expression. It can help you feel beautiful, boost confidence and feel externally aligned with your internal… Continue Reading

Hair Changes with Menopause

Hair Changes with Menopause

A variety of physical changes come along with menopause. Hair is one of the body’s key elements that is affected during this time. Though everyone has a different experience, the general pattern is hair thinning and loss on the scalp and eyebrows, as well as a surge in facial hair growth. According to the “British Journal of Dermatology”,… Continue Reading

Electrolysis Probes

Electrolysis has experienced quite an evolution after it’s initial invention in 1875. What was once a long and excruciating process is now much less painful and less time consuming. A key reason for this improvement is the type of probes. In the 19th century, needles were inserted into a single hair follicle while connected to… Continue Reading

Electrolysis for Men

Just like women, many men don’t like hair on their bodies. The difference is that hair removal methods are primarily marketed towards women. This has lead to the societal belief that cosmetic services are only for women and that only women care about their looks. There is the stereotype that in order for men to… Continue Reading

Laser – the Good, the Bad, and the Stimulation.

Having trained and studied in laser hair removal, I am well-versed in various laser machines and how they operate. Although I mainly practice electrolysis, I think laser is a wonderful option for many people. There are several qualifications that make someone a good candidate for laser hair removal. If the hair is dark and dense… Continue Reading

Is Electrolysis Safe for the Summer

Electrolysis in the summertime is perfectly safe. However, it is important to follow some basic rules to protect your skin. After electrolysis treatment, the follicle that has been treated is more open and slightly irritated. As a result, the follicles are more susceptible to bacteria and germs. Do not expose the treated area to the… Continue Reading

How to Achieve the Best Results from Electrolysis

To get the quickest and best results from electrolysis, it is vital to maintain a consistent schedule of treatments frequently. This is because of the hair growth cycle and how it relates to electrolysis. For a more in depth explanation, please continue reading about the three stages of hair growth. First, here is a breakdown… Continue Reading

Electrolysis Sensitivity

I am often asked if electrolysis is a painful procedure. Everyone experiences pain differently and how they experience it depends upon their nervous system because it controls a person’s pain level. In general people can be divided two main groups. Low Pain Threshold This means that a person feels more pain and their skin shows more… Continue Reading

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