Stress and Hair Growth

Too much stress can put excessive demands on the adrenal system. The purpose of the adrenal glands is to produce adrenaline for emergency body functions. The adrenal cortex produces steroids. These steroids can cause male characteristics such as unwanted facial and body hair. Be aware of what triggers your stress personally. Many stress signs that people exhibit include impatience, nervousness, excessive sweating, headaches, and body tension. Outside factors such work and family pressures can also play an important role in a person’s stress level. There are different measures to reduce high stress levels.

Stress and Hair Growth

Ways to Reduce Stress


Listen to your body. This is probably the best way to control how you feel. Whether you are feeling impatient, anxious, or holding tension in your body, take a moment to identify what is making you feel this way, and work on relaxing your mind and body.


Learn Different Breathing Techniques.

It has been proven to lower a person’s stress level in the moment.


Take a walk. In today’s fast paced world, walking has been designated for two main purposes, to get to a destination and for exercise. The thought of going for a walk as leisure and enjoyment is a lost concept for many people, especially city dwellers and those of us that live in New York City. Slow down your pace, breath slowly, and look up to enjoy your surroundings. Even if it only for a few minutes, set your intention for you walk to be relaxing. It will allow your mind and body to calm down.


Cool your body down. It is common for the body to overheat and have feelings of tingling during periods of excess stress. Find a cool environment to lower your body temperature. Run cold water over your wrists or pat your face with cold water.


Drink mint tea. In several studies, mint tea has been proven to reduce stress in general and improve sleep quality when consumed before bed. Spearmint tea in particular can aid in excessive hair growth. It has been shown to decrease male sex hormones and increase female hormones. To read more about this study visit


Having unwanted facial and body hair unto itself can be stressful. It can inhibit a person’s lifestyle because they are self-conscious about their hair. Stop using temporary methods to deal with embarrassing hair that might be making it grow back more thick and dense! Work on reducing your stress levels and book a free consultation with Emily at Limoges Electrolysis. Start permanently removing your unwanted hair today!

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