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I was introduced to Electrolysis at a very young age.

I remember being a child and having to ride in the car with my mother as she went about the town running errands and going to appointments. One of these appointments I was dragged along to was her electrolysis appointment. I looked a little something like this while I waited…

Electrolysis NYC Affordable Permanent Hair removal

I watched my mother while the electrologist poked at her face. The room was dimly lit and flecks of hair covered the floor. When the appointment was done my mother’s face was red, swollen, and covered in little bumps. I asked her almost every week why she had this procedure done. She would always try to explain it to me. She said she had a very hairy face, like a man’s beard. I was too young to understand.

Looking back, the best explanation came two or three days after her Electrolysis appointment. My mother’s face would glow with confidence and happiness. You could see her inner beauty radiate. She told me that I when I was old enough, she would allow me to have electrolysis done.¬† I did not want electrolysis. She saw the look on my face and smiled. My mother knew what I had yet to learn about life.

Fast Forward, My Teenage Years

At the age of age of fourteen, my mother took me to have electrolysis done on my toes. I was perplexed at why she wanted me to get electrolysis on my toes. She told me that later on in life, I would appreciate having this procedure done. At the time, I was perfectly content shaving, but I went along with her request. I was annoyed and still did not understand why I was having permanent hair removal done on my toes.

Fast Forward, My Twenties

By this time in my life, I hated shaving. In fact, I still hate shaving. Being a woman, I would discuss different methods of hair removal, mostly temporary, with my friends. They were all jealous that I never had to wax or shave my feet. Many of them would not wear sandals unless they shaved or waxed that day. It was during this time I realized that most women have unwanted hair on their feet. I smiled and finally understood what my mom had known all along. When you are confident about your appearance, a woman’s true beauty is reflected by her inner happiness.

Over the past two years, I have noticed physical changes in my body. I started to have unwanted hair growth in undesirable places. I was excited at concept of laser hair removal. However, I quickly learned that I was not a candidate for laser hair removal. I also learned that it was NOT considered by the FDA to be permanent. The thought of electrolysis came to mind. I thought back to my mom and my teenage years. I was not excited at the idea, but dealing with unwanted hair on a temporary basis for a lifetime sounded less appealing!

My Search for an Electrologist in New York City

I started doing extensive research on electrologists in New York City, current technology, and the different methods of electrolysis. I quickly learned finding an electrologist was going to harder than I expected. A select few electrologists here in the city practice the original form of electrolysis called the Galvanic Method. This method requires many needles to be simultaneously placed in several hair follicles at once. It is also a very slow process as each needle requires to be in the hair follicle for two to five minutes each. I quickly decided this method was not for me!

The Search for Electrolysis Continued…

I learned that there were two other methods of electrolysis called Thermolysis and Blend. To learn more about these methods please read my previous blog titled, Electrolysis – Early History to Present Day, or visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrology.

The Past My search was exhausting. I discovered many electrologists in New York City were very overpriced! Some were extremely difficult to schedule appointments with, and a few only practiced  Thermolysis or the Blend method. In certain cases, I witnessed unsanitary conditions and was made to feel bad about my unwanted hair! Worst of all, I had a few experiences were the electrologist was not skilled at their work, causing me pain and scarring. I was surprised, shocked, and frustrated. Almost all of the electrologists I visited were using outdated technology.

I will share that I finally found one electrologist that I liked. However, I found it ridiculous that I had had to search so long and hard to find someone that met what I thought was simple criteria. If I was having this much difficulty finding a skilled electrologist who was easy to book appointments with, were not overpriced, used new technology, took proper sterilization measures, and were compassionate about needs, there must be others going through the same frustration!

Electrolysis By Emily was Born

Expert Hair Removal

Inspired by my past and current experiences I decided to train to become an electrologist. Immediately I fell in love with this practice. While I trained, I gathered a following of clientele who wanted to know what hours I would be at the school. They complimented my technique and my gentle touch. They appreciated how effective treatments were and how they caused little discomfort compared to professional electrologists they had been to in the past.

I started Limoges Electrolysis in New York City for several reasons. I wanted to create an environment where people felt comfortable and relaxed about permanent hair removal. Unwanted body hair can be stressful. At Limoges Electrolysis, I pride myself on making your electrolysis treatment stress-free. I am accommodating to your schedule and respond promptly to any question or concern you may have. I am knowledgeable about the field of electrolysis and share my knowledge with my clients. I listen to your expectations and goals and work with you to achieve these goals.

I trained on the latest technology and I invested in the newest electrolysis machine for my practice, The Apilus Platinum Pure. I believe you should not have to compromise on skill, technology, service, and price when it comes to permanent hair removal. That is why I created Limoges Electrolysis.

I invite you to a free consultation to discover for yourself how Limoges Electrolysis can let your inner beauty shine.

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