The Importance of a Consultation

Embarking on an electrolysis journey of your own can be a big decision. You may wonder: Is this the right method for me? How will my body respond? How do I find an electrologist who is a good fit for me? Whatever you are feeling, it is important to do some research first. The perfect place to start is setting up a consultation with an electrologist, which we offer for anyone interested in services with Limoges Beauty.

A consultation is a great way to learn an overview of electrolysis, share your hair removal goals, become familiar with our environment and get to know our practitioners. By coming to meet us in person, you will have the opportunity to learn from us first hand about our offerings. We can walk you through the various types of electrolysis we offer (thermolysis, galvanic and blend) and the differences between them. We also describe what a typical session consists of and we could even do a sample treatment on you.

A consultation is also the ideal time to discuss any questions or concerns. Please come prepared with any topics you would like to discuss. Some common questions are:

What does electrolysis feel like?

How many treatments will it take to notice results?

What type of reactions could my skin have?

What costs are associated?

What is your training and experience level?

How do you keep your office environment and equipment hygienic?

What can I do to prepare my skin before treatment and how should I care for my skin post treatment?


During a consultation, we will want to get to know you and your goals. We may ask you questions like:

What type of hair removal methods have you used in the past?

Why are you interested in starting electrolysis now?

What facial or body areas are you interested in having treated?

Do you use Acutane?

What can we do to make your experience with us as the best it can be?


From here, we will develop an individualized treatment plan to fit you and your needs. As far as choosing a practitioner, there are several qualifications to consider. Any electrologist you choose to work with should have a certificate at minimum to practice. They should have formal school training. Everyone at Limoges Beauty has exceeded these credentials and goes above industry standard protocols. We are very invested in continuously learning the latest innovations in the industry and updating our equipment. We enjoy building long lasting and loyal relationships with our clients. Feel free to learn more about each of our practitioners in the “Who We Are” section,

Another thing to look for in an electrologist practice is a clean and professional environment. At Limoges Beauty, we wear disposable gloves, utilize sterile and single-use probes. We clean our non-disposable tools thoroughly and carefully.

While determining if electrolysis is right for you, we strongly suggest that you take some time to do some of your own research upfront. This could include watching our animated consultation video or reading through our previous blog posts. In these articles, we cover a multitude of topics relating to electrolysis and can guarantee that there are answers to many of your questions. We want you to be as comfortable and informed as possible. By coming to the consultation prepared, it will help us both make the most out of this initial meeting.

We hope that you decide to book a consultation with us. We are eager and ready to help you accomplish your goals throughout this life-changing journey! Please book online or call us today at 646-894-1830.

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