The Vellus Facial Hair

vellus facial hairVellus hair can be defined as short, fine, light colored hair that is barely noticeable. It develops on most of a person’s body starting from their childhood. The two functions of vellus hair are to provide temperature control for the body, which includes heating via thermal insulation and cooling. This hair growth is dictated by our hormones and is sometimes referred to as “peach fuzz.”

While most of this type of hair goes unnoticed, there are circumstances in which an abundance of vellus hair can grow on different parts of the body. The causes of the excess growth can be the side effects of  some types of diseases and mental illnesses. Such incidences include cushing disease, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), cushing syndrome, anorexia nervosa, and several others. No matter the cause of excess vellus hair growth, it is always dictated by our hormone levels which change throughout our life.

Many people, especially women in New York City, treat their facial “peach fuzz” with temporary hair removal methods. These methods include tweezing, waxing, shaving, and depilatories. Shaving this hair will not make the it grow back thicker but it will grow back with a blunt tip instead of a fine tip. The feeling of the blunt hair tip can give the allusion that the hair feels and looks thicker. Tweezing, waxing, and depilatories can make vellus facial hair grow back thicker because they can cause increased blood supply to the root of the hair.  Another misconception for treating vellus facial hair is the use of laser hair removal. Laser hair removal does not remove vellus hair. The laser cannot target the pigment in the hair to destroy the follicle. In some instances the laser can actually increase the growth of the vellus hair.

After Vellus Hair

There  is a permanent solution to excess vellus hair – electrolysis! Electrolysis destroys the root of the vellus hair! After a few treatments the vellus hair starts to disappear, leaving a clean complexion. Discover electrolysis for vellus hair and get the complexion you have always wanted.

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